Research in Inzymes Laboratory is always inspired by nature and works through several lines. Our efforts rely upon expertise in biotechnology, engineering, chemistry,
nanotechnology, bioremediation, and molecular biology to contribute in solve complex problems with simple solutions. Due to the nature of our research, our style in science requires different science disciplines, generating a collective atmosphere for students while garnering an expanded knowledge of
several sciences.

undergraduate positions

Inzymes Laboratory encourages ambitious undergraduates with an interest in life science to contact Professor Satinder K. Brar to arrange an appointment and hear about the opportunities within the research group.


Potential graduate students (Ph.D. and Master’s) should send an email to Professor Satinder K. Brar to arrange an appointment and hear about the projects and opportunities available in the research group. Students from Life Science backgrounds are encouraged to apply.

graduate positions

postdoctoral positions

Prospective postdocs with an interest in developing a research project should email Professor Satinder K. Brar directly with a curriculum vitae (CV).