In situ enzymatic degradation of hydrocarbon-polluted soils. (filed, January 2019).Canada. Canadian Patent

No. 19513-2. 2019/01/26.

Patent Status: Granted/Issued

Year Issued: 2019

Inventors: S.K. Brar, T. Kadri. T. Rouissi

Green decontamination of oil spill contaminated sites using enayme cocktails.

Process for hydrogen production from glycerol.United States. US patent: US 2019/0218576 and Canada

Patent: 2945507. 2019/07/18.

Patent Status: Granted/Issued

Year Issued: 2018

Inventors: Sarma, Saurabh, Maiti, Sampa, Brar, S.K., Y. Lebihan, G. Buelna,Mausam Verma, Vinayak Pachapur, R.K. Das

Process for the production of hydrogen gas from fermentation of crude glycerol was studied in a bioreactor.

The process involves one-pot synthesis by balancing the volumes in the same reactor.

Process for bio-butanol production from glycerol. United States. US patent: P3945US00 and Canada.

Patent: 2945508. 2018/10/01.

Patent Status: Granted/Issued

Year Issued: 2018

Inventors: Sampa Maiti, Gorka Gallestengui, Brar, S.K., Sarma, Saurabh, G. Buelna, Y. Lebihan

Biobutanol production in single reactor was obtained after significant additions and adjustments of volume,

albeit without addition of any external ingredients.

Integrated process to produce high value-added products from solid waste biomass. Canada. 

Patent: 61680256. 2017/07/19.

Patent Status: Pending

Inventors: Satinder K. Brar, Fatma Gassara